Shipping policy

We ship our products from Italy to most countries of Europe.

We fulfill orders as soon as possible, usually between 1-5 days.

In order to protect the paper during the shipping, we may split the paper into more boxes (for example, if the paper on our website is divided into 4 reams of 200 sheets per ream, we may split the paper into 5 reams of 160 sheets). By the way, the number of sheets you'll receive does not change.

Please note that the number of sheets you'll receive may not be exact (for example, up to 1-2% of sheets may be missing. It depends on our supplier: if we receive x sheets from the supplier, we'll cut them into the size you ordered and we'll ship to you the same x sheets we had received).

Shipping time depends on your country, on average between 3-14 days.

Shipping costs depend on your country:

Shipping costs


If your European country is not on the list, it means that we can't ship with our courier. However, if you have a courier that can receive boxes in Italy and ship to your country, we can ship to them and they will deliver to your country. If you need this type of shipping, please contact us at

If you need to order a very big quantity of paper (more than 250kg) and the shipping costs on your cart are €9.999, do not order: contact us to know the right amount you will be charged.

You can always contact us for any question at