Pulp-coloured papers and boads with a pearlescent surface, FSC® certified.
Made with ECF pulp. Pulp- dyed with light-fast pigments.


Applications of Fedrigoni Sirio Pearl

Sirio  Pearl  is  a  collection  of  papers  and  boards  that  are  suitable  for  many applications. It is excellent for publications, packaging, corporate literature, labels, covers, inserts and brochures – wherever the need is to show a technical emphasis, a modern style and futuristic design.

Printing suggestions

Fedrigoni Sirio Pearl can be used with the main printing systems: letterpress, offset, blind embossing, hot-foil stamping, thermographic and screen printing.The  surface  has  no  porosity,  so  that  inks  do  not  dry  through  absorption into the media. Polymerisation in offset printing from the sheet takes place by means of oxidation, so that inks for plastics should be used. Excellent results have been achieved with U.V. inks and in web offset printing  with  Heat  Set  inks.  The  anchorage  of  the  ink,  once  dry,  is very good. It is also particularly important to check the other process variables,  especially  the  fountain  solution,  which  must  be  dosed  at minimum  levels  to  ensure  that  emulsioning  is  kept  within  modest levels.

Converting suggestions

Good  results  can  be  expected  with  all  the  main  converting  process: cutting,   die   cutting,   scoring,   folding,   glueing,   varnishing   and lamination. The  surface  roughness  typical  of  these  papers  may  give rise  to  micro  defects  with  plastic  laminating  caused  by  incomplete  adhesion of the film to the substrate. For the correct choice of adhesive, it is advisable to carry out specific testing with the supplier.


Fedrigoni Sirio Pearl - Technical Sheet

You can download the technical sheet of the paper Fedrigoni Sirio Pearl by clicking here