High white uncoated papers and boards made from pure ECF cellulose, FSC® certified and high strength. One side embossed. Some embossing are available on both sides

Applications of Fedrigoni Constellation

Constellation  Snow  is  ideal  for  packaging,  coordinated  graphic  materials,  greeting  cards  and  announcements,  covers,  inserts  and de luxe brochures. The 90 gr version is particularly suitable for lining and labels (not wet strength).

Printing suggestions

Fedrigoni Constellation can be used without problems with the main printing systems: letterpress,   offset,   blind   embossing,   hot   foil   stamping,   thermography  and  screen  printing.  The  macro-porous  surface  suggests  the  use  of  oxidative  drying  inks.  The  characteristic  embossings require specific printing pressure settings.

Converting suggestions

Varnishing and plastic laminating must be assessed in advance. The  varnish  coated  with  an  offset  machine  is  almost  fully  absorbed  and  therefore  does  not  improve  gloss  or  protection.  Screen  printing  varnishing  achieves  better  results,  although  it  is  often  necessary  to  perform  two  shots  to  achieve  a  distinctly  evident  result.  The  surface  roughness  typical  of  embossed  papers  may  give  rise  to  micro  defects  with  plastic  laminating  caused by incomplete adhesion of the film to the substrate.Good results with major processing operations such as: cutting, die-cutting, scoring, folding and glueing.


Fedrigoni Constellation - Technical Sheet

You can download the technical sheet of the paper Fedrigoni Constellation by clicking here