Papers and boards made with ECF pulp, FSC® certified.
Cloudy like the ancient natural parchments.
Transparency enhancers are not used. Available in two colours.
Substance 230 g is offmachine laminated with natural starches.


Applications of Fedrigoni Pergamenata

Pergamenata is a de luxe cloudy paper obtained with a specific and extended fibre refining process in special “Beater” refiners and a particular running of paper machine. It is ideal for de luxe pubblications, art printings, prestigious certificates.

Printing suggestions

Fedrigoni Pergamenata can be used without problems with the main printing systems: letterpress,   offset,   blind   embossing,   hot   foil   stamping,   thermography and screen printing. The product is highly sensitive to  hygrometric  and  temperature  variations.  We  recommend  to  pay  attention  in  conditioning  before  use  and  during  the  manufacturing  stages.  The  surface  is  well  sealed  and  therefore  it  is  recommended  to  use  inks  for  plastics  or  oxidative  drying  inks.  The  printing  pressure  setting  must  be  adequate  to  this  media (on the average higher than a normal uncoated paper). In thermographic process we recommend to set oven temperatures  at minimum levels.

Converting suggestions

Varnishing and plastic laminating must be assessed in advance. The surface roughness typical of uncoated papers may give rise to  micro  defects  with  plastic  laminating  caused  by  incomplete  adhesion  of  the  film  to  the  substrate.  The  paper  is  very  close-grained,  it  has  low  compressibility:  in  the  guillotine  trimming,  and  in  folding  too,  we  suggest  to  employ  used  blades  in  order  to  prevent  cutting  edge  thread.  Check  carefully  the  scoring,  because  the  paper,  once  folded,  becomes  fragile.  Also  the  binding and the glueing are feasible, still we suggest to  do tests to avoid curling problems or other inconveniences.


Fedrigoni Pergamenata - Technical Sheet

You can download the technical sheet of the paper Fedrigoni Pergamenata by clicking here