Papers and boards made from pure ECF cellulose, FSC® certified, with a special pearlescent finish on one side.
One side embossed


Applications of Fedrigoni Constellation Jade

Constellation Jade is ideal for greeting cards and announcements, menus,   packaging,   coordinated   graphic   materials,   covers,   inserts and de luxe brochures.

Printing suggestions

Constellation Jade can be used with all the main printing techniques: letterpress, offset,  blind  embossing,  hot  foil  stamping,  thermography  and  screen  printing.  The  surface  has  a  low  micro  porosity,  so  ink  drying cannot happen by absorption. It is therefore necessary to use oxidative drying inks or made for plastics surface. Excellent results have been obtained with UV inks and in web-offset with heat-set inks. The ink bond, once dry, is very good. It is particularly important to check other print variables, particularly the fountain solution,  which  must  be  kept  to  minimum  levels  to  ensure  a  correct balance between ink and water.

Converting suggestions

Varnishing and plastic laminating must be assessed in advance.  For  hot  foil  stamping  or  blind  embossing  applications,  would  be a good procedure to adjust the pressure correctly to ensure definitive  and  complete  impression;  we  recommend  foils  for  plastic  media.  The  surface  roughness  typical  of  embossed  papers  may  give  rise  to  micro  defects  with  plastic  laminating  caused by incomplete adhesion of the film to the substrate.Good results with major processing operations such as: cutting, die-cutting, scoring, folding and glueing.


Fedrigoni Constellation Jade - Technical Sheet

You can download the technical sheet of the paper Fedrigoni Constellation Jade by clicking here